Friday, March 21, 2014

J.Crew April new arrivals

Hello and happy spring, everyone! Now that the calendar has finally caught up to the fashion we've had for a few months, let's see what the actual season brings with it! J.Crew's April new arrivals were added to the website a few days ago, and it looks like the colors are warming up alongside the temperatures. Here are my thoughts and observations.

First, my personal favorites from this rollout:

- Collection Gilded Brocade Short - Loooove the rich, evocative palmette pattern on this fabric. The warm, punchy colors are fairly unique for J.Crew's brocades, and we haven't seen anything like this from their shorts. Since I love both shorts and shiny fabrics (I now have two of such items!), this item went straight to the top of my list.

Collection Gilded Brocade Short

- Collection Linen-Silk Dress - So elegant. The architectural lines and volume remind me of the Origami Dress, which has been a perennial item for a few years now.

Collection Linen-Silk Dress

- Linen Cardigan - I love the marled texture of the fabric and the relaxed shape. I have a few novelty-color linen cardigans and their texture adds so much character to a simple outfit.

Linen Cardigan

Now, onto some trends in this collection:

- One thing you notice immediately about this rollout is the warm color palette the standout pieces come in. In contrast to the blues and greens from previous months, April brings sunny corals, oranges, and yellows.

Collection Textured Rosebud Top Collection Embroidered Flower Dress
Lace-Stripe Skirt Collection Cropped Pant in Gilded Brocade

- The Pink Floral/Blue Floral is one of the recurring prints in this rollout and is quite the eye-catcher with its large scale and outgoing blooms. It comes in two shades: pink and blue, which are named separately, but we've actually seen this print before in another color (see below)! I like the prettiness and illustration quality of the print.

Pink Floral Short Pink Floral Embroidered Top
Raglan Popover in Blue Floral Flower Bud Print Scarf

And remember the Lucie Printed Leather Slingback Flats and Falsetto Printed Leather Pumps from earlier in the spring?

Lucie Printed Leather Slingback Flats Falsetto Printed Leather Pumps

- The Gilded Brocade fabric is a stunner and really stands out for its rich colors and unique motif. Just looking at these pieces makes me want to travel someplace sunny and tropical . . .

Collection Gilded Brocade Short Collection Cropped Pant in Gilded Brocade

- Pink Geo carries on J.Crew's use of tile motifs in a playful diffusion of pinks and oranges. I like the balanced look from the symmetry of stripes in the skirt and shirtdress.

Pink Geo Top Drapey Pencil Skirt in Pink Geo
Pink Geo Shirtdress

- Seersucker makes its debut for the year, including in a two-tone colorblock version!

Collection Rylan Blazer in Seersucker Campbell Capri in Double Seersucker
Seersucker Campbell Capri Colorblock Seersucker Short

- And for another interesting take on seersucker, the Seersucker Eyelet fabric makes circular cutouts of a plain seersucker fabric.

Seersucker Eyelet Top Seersucker Eyelet Shift Dress
Esplanade Skirt in Seersucker Eyelet Merino Sweater in Seersucker Eyelet

- Lots of sheer raglan sleeves in a variety of fabrics -- mesh, eyelet, lace -- for a sporty take that combines the trends of shoulder detailing and novelty lace yokes and panels.

Lace-Sleeve Top Eyelet Shirtdress
Merino Mesh-Sleeve Sweater Lace-Sleeve Sweatshirt

- Floral appliques - in case you want your spring blossoms to pop even more, these pieces feature 3-D floral details (which seem to be a J.Crew favorite) in a childlike, but self-consciously so, style.

Collection Flower Shell Collection Blooming Floral Circle Skirt
Collection Blooming Floral Top Collection Embroidered Flower Dress

And if you're not quite ready for your florals to literally go off the page, there's a crocheted option:

Crocheted Lace Tank

- Lace stripes add a dainty touch to preppy pieces in sunny shades of cotton piqué.

Cotton Piqué Lace Dress Lace-Stripe Skirt

And remember this silk version of the lace-stripe skirt from a few months ago?

Collection Lace-Stripe Silk Skirt

- Back-tie ribbons adorn a few pieces in this rollout and lend a sweet, youthful girliness.

Seersucker Eyelet Top Collection Textured Rosebud Top
Seersucker Eyelet Shift Dress

- Some encore uses of previously debuted fabrics:

 Collection Basketweave Dress
uses the same textured basketweave cotton as the Collection Basket-Weave Toggle Coat.
 Collection Basket-Weave Toggle Coat

Collection Jeweled Cropped Pant in Silk Shantung
uses the same fabric and/or clustered jewel arrangement as the Collection Jeweled Shantung Pencil Skirt and the Collection Jeweled Boyfriend Tee.
Collection Jeweled Shantung Pencil Skirt Collection Jeweled Boyfriend Tee

Collection Blooming Floral Top Collection Blooming Floral Circle Skirt
revisit the Trellis Floral print.
Merino Baseball Sweater in Trellis FloralTrellis Floral Skirt

And finally, a few pieces or motifs worthy of special mention:

- Collection Embellished Merino Shell - Wow, I just . . . wow. I can't see that this piece is supposed to fit into the Moroccan theme from the fall/winter that has also lingered on into recent months, so I guess you're just supposed to take this piece for the ornate jaw-dropper it is.

Collection Embellished Merino Shell

- Collection Neon Dot Jacquard Short - Also unlike anything else in this rollout. The dots are quite fun and delightful, and the colors perfectly encapsulate the color scheme for this month. I wonder if we won't be seeing more of this fabric?

Collection Neon Dot Jacquard Short

- Collection Stripe Python Jacket - Another jaw-dropper, and with a price to match.

Collection Stripe Python Jacket

- Collection Eyelet Jumpsuit - I think I'll go ahead and be secretly jealous of anyone who can -- and lives in the right kind of place to -- pull off a pink eyelet jumpsuit. It actually looks quite good as styled on the model.

Collection Eyelet Jumpsuit

That's it for me. What are your thoughts on these new arrivals?